Sensei Fran & Achentannos


The film will not go “live” until 7:00pm MST.  If you click on the link below anytime before 7:00pm MST, you will see a message in the playback area that says “Private Video – Sorry, you don’t have permission to watch”.  If this happens, then wait until 7:00pm MST and then either REFRESH your internet page or close your browser and click on the link below again (this is just another way to REFRESH your internet page).

Then hit the play button and enjoy.

If you see a log in button or message in the screen below please know that you do NOT need to login. Just refresh your screen as per above at 7pm.

If you come a couple minutes late, no worries, when you hit the play button, it will start from the beginning.

The entire screening is 82 minutes in length. ENJOY!!!!